Bob and Lu

Hello, Family and Friends, please read…

As you may have heard, Marlou and I are planning to get married on Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 10:30 a.m.

You may be wondering why things are so rushed and seemingly so last minute so here’s some information for you to understand our situation. Continue reading


A Message from Pastor Bob

Dear Friends,

What makes a wedding memorable?  The beauty of the sanctuary or the setting? The message and music? The looks of the bride and groom? The groomsmen and bridesmaids? The reception? The food? The entertainment and program at the reception?

What family and friends were telling me was how organized and well planned our wedding was. They were really impressed by the team effort, the decorations, and how smoothly things went. But most of all they were very impressed by the congregation members – how well everyone worked together, the friendliness, just the overall spirit of love and welcome exhibited by you.

The way the whole team of cooks, kitchen workers, servers, those who set up and those who cleaned up, the musicians, the technical folks, and the multitude of those who donated – their service of love, that’s what made this wedding so memorable.

It’s a testament and witness to the love of Christ within you the First United Methodist Church of Torrance. I am so proud of all of you and proud to be a part of this church, and proud to be your pastor here.

From the depths of our hearts, thank you for the many hours of giving and caring that you all gave to me and Marlou and our family and friends. We will remember this event for the rest of our lives and look back fondly.

Writing from the Eagle Inn on our honeymoon in Santa Barbara, CA.

Pastor Bob